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iPhone - DB Activity iPad - Top SQL
RAC support
  • RAC support added to all reports and charts, some screens redesigned
  • Added instance selection dropdown menu in RAC environments for easy navigation between instances
General database information:
  • Oracle Server version, host name, size
  • Common instance activity
  • Tablespaces which have less than 15% of free space
  • Recent Database Outstanding Alerts
Instance Activity.
Number of active sessions and classes of event that sessions waiting for.
Top active programs by waiting classes.
Top waiting events
Top Sessions
Top SQL Statements
Tablespaces usage report
Memory usage report
SGA Info
SGA Size Advice
SGA Allocation History
Session details: activity history, wait events and active SQL statements
Session details: session Time Model
Top SQL Statements by type of consuming server resources
SQL statement details: activity history by execution plan, wait events and top active sessions
SQL statement details: execution statistics
SQL statement details: execution plans
OS Statistic and Load
Database Time Model
Database Metrics and history