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EMLight Change Log

Version 2.0 (Released on 05/05/2013)

  • RAC support added to all reports and charts, some screens redesigned
  • Added instance selection dropdown menu in RAC environments for easy navigation between instances
  • Performance/Locks screen redesigned
  • Sessions/Blocking screen redesigned
  • Sessions/Transactions screen redesigned
  • Sessions/Statistics screen performance improved
  • SQL/Statistics screen performance improved
  • Fixed infinite loop bug in Statistics/Metrics that led to ORA-04031 and PGA exhaustion when all metric values for selected period were zero

Version 1.4 (Released on 09/12/2011)

New Features
  • New Performance/Historical view:
    • Historical Activity chart (DBA_HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY)
    • Average I/O Responce Time chart (DBA_HIST_SYSTEM_EVENT)
    • Historical Sessions Activity (DBA_HIST_ACTIVE_SESS_HISTORY)
    • SQL Statements Statistic (DBA_HIST_SQLSTAT)
    • Wait Events Statistic (DBA_HIST_SYSTEM_EVENT)
    • Segments Statistic (DBA_HIST_SEG_STAT)
    • Latches Statistic (DBA_HIST_LATCH)
    • Display AWR Report for choosen interval
  • Added ability to resize interval window on all Activity charts.
  • Sessions/Top screen redesigned. Session Wait Class Statistic report added.
  • Added Sessions/Statistics report.
  • Added SQL/Statistics report.
  • Auto refresh feature added to Performance/Activity screen.
  • A few cosmetic improvements.

Version 1.3 (Released on 06/18/2011)

New Features
  • Performance/Activity screen redesigned.
    New activity detail tabs added: Overview, SQL, Events, Sessions, Objects I/O
  • Added Average I/O Responce Time history graph to Performance/Disk I/O screen.
  • Basic RAC support added. Now most of charts display information for all instances in RAC.
  • New System Events Statistics screen added - Statistics/System Events
  • AWR Reports screen added - Statistics/AWR Reports
  • Multiple Buffers Cache support added - Memory/Buffer Cache
  • Sessions/Summary screen redesigned.
  • Sessions/Limit screen added.
  • Display SQL Bind Variables - SQL/Details/Bind Variables
  • Registry Information added to Server/Version screen.
  • Running Backups Status screen added - Backup/Backup/Running
  • Home screen improved.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a lot of assorted bugs.

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