This is not a real database snapshot but set of demo screenshots. Please allow some inaccuracy in numbers and dates.

[02/17/12 05:37:27pm]    Database: rdemo16    Instance: #2 rdemo162    rrac16b.obzora.prv    Uptime: 10 days 18 hours 20 minutes

Time Model

Statistic Name Value, ms
DB CPU 3284199877
DB time 7534019857
Java execution elapsed time 0
PL/SQL compilation elapsed time 2087682
PL/SQL execution elapsed time 111742930
RMAN cpu time (backup/restore) 574718272
background cpu time 597353041
background elapsed time 964183169
connection management call elapsed time 8122734
failed parse (out of shared memory) elapsed time 0
failed parse elapsed time 1565524
hard parse (bind mismatch) elapsed time 171156
hard parse (sharing criteria) elapsed time 2875158
hard parse elapsed time 10800905
inbound PL/SQL rpc elapsed time 89017
parse time elapsed 109026790
repeated bind elapsed time 66329
sequence load elapsed time 1641854
sql execute elapsed time 5437818976

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