This is not a real database snapshot but set of demo screenshots. Please allow some inaccuracy in numbers and dates.

[02/17/12 05:37:27pm]    Database: rdemo16    Instance: #2 rdemo162    rrac16b.obzora.prv    Uptime: 10 days 18 hours 20 minutes

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Background Checkpoints
Branch Node Splits
Buffer Cache Hit Ratio
CPU Usage
CR Blocks Created
CR Undo Records Applied
Consistent Read Changes
Consistent Read Gets
Current Logons Count
Current OS Load
Current Open Cursors Count
Cursor Cache Hit Ratio
DB Block Changes
DB Block Changes Per User Call
DB Block Gets
DB Block Gets Per User Call
DBWR Checkpoints
Database CPU Time Ratio
Database Time
Database Wait Time Ratio
Disk Sort
Enqueue Deadlocks
Enqueue Requests
Enqueue Timeouts
Enqueue Waits
Execute Without Parse Ratio
Executions Per User Call
Full Index Scans
GC CR Block Received
GC CR Block Receivedond
GC Current Block Received
GC Current Block Receivedond
Global Cache Average CR Get Time
Global Cache Average Current Get Time
Global Cache Blocks Corrupted
Global Cache Blocks Lost
Hard Parse Count
Host CPU Utilization (%)
Leaf Node Splits
Library Cache Hit Ratio
Library Cache Miss Ratio
Logical Reads
Logical Reads Per User Call
Long Table Scans
Memory Sorts Ratio
Network Traffic Volume
Open Cursors
PGA Cache Hit %
PX downgraded 25% or more
PX downgraded 50% or more
PX downgraded 75% or more
PX downgraded Parallel Operation
PX downgraded to serial
Parse Failure Count
Physical Read Bytes
Physical Read IO Requests
Physical Read Total Bytes
Physical Read Total IO Requests
Physical Reads
Physical Reads Direct
Physical Reads Direct Lobs
Physical Write Bytes
Physical Write IO Requests
Physical Write Total Bytes
Physical Write Total IO Requests
Physical Writes
Physical Writes Direct
Physical Writes Direct Lobs
Physical Writes Direct Lobs
Process Limit %
Recursive Calls
Redo Allocation Hit Ratio
Redo Generated
Redo Writes
Response Time
Row Cache Hit Ratio
Row Cache Miss Ratio
Rows Per Sort
SQL Service Response Time
Session Limit %
Shared Pool Free %
Soft Parse Ratio
Streams Pool Usage Percentage
Total Index Scans
Total Parse Count
Total Sorts Per User Call
Total Table Scans
Total Table Scans Per User Call
Txns Per Logon
User Calls
User Calls Ratio
User Commits
User Commits Percentage
User Limit %
User Rollback Undo Records Applied
User Rollback UndoRec Applied
User Rollbacks
User Rollbacks Percentage
User Transaction

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