This is not a real database snapshot but set of demo screenshots. Please allow some inaccuracy in numbers and dates.

[02/17/12 05:37:27pm]    Database: rdemo16    Instance: #2 rdemo162    rrac16b.obzora.prv    Uptime: 10 days 18 hours 20 minutes

SGA Info

SGA Component Current Size, MB Resizeable
Maximum SGA Size 4512 No
SGA Target Size 4512 Yes
Current SGA Size 4496
Buffer Cache Size 2208 Yes
Shared Pool Size 2192 Yes
Free SGA Memory Available 0
Java Pool Size 32 Yes
Streams Pool Size 32 Yes
Granule Size 16 No
Startup overhead in Shared Pool 336 No
Redo Buffers 14 No
Fixed SGA Size 2 No
Large Pool Size 32 Yes

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