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Database Schema Browser

DBB - web based tool to browse Oracle schema objects - tables, packages, indexes, LOB objects, etc.
Database Browser
  • Displays Oracle Schema objects
    • Tables
    • Packages
    • Indexes
    • Jobs
    • etc.
  • Allow to execute SQL queries in web browser.
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Installation instruction

  1. Edit file credentials.sql
    You must specify TNS Alias of target database there.
    Also you can change schema name (DBB by default), password and default tablespace (USERS).
  2. Create Oracle user DBB:
    sqlplus "sys/<sys_password>@alias as sysdba" @create_user_DBB.sql
    You can review list of required system privileges granted to user DBB in file: create_user_DBB.sql
    That privileges does not allow DBB user to read any data from other database schemas and does not allow it to change anything in database outside of DBB schema.
  3. Create DBB objects (tables and packages):
    sqlplus /nolog @install.sql
    Note: it will connect to Oracle Server with credentials specified in file credentials.sql on first step.
  4. Configure Database Access Descriptor (DAD) (read EMLight Intallation instruction for more details).

    1. Connect to Oracle Server as SYS user and execute:
      sqlplus "sys/<sys_password>@alias as sysdba" @create_DAD.sql
      Update default oracle schema name (DBB) and DAD name (dbb) in file create_DAD.sql if necessary.
    2. Set Oracle HTTP Port number (8080 or other):
      begin DBMS_XDB.SETHTTPPORT(8080); end; 
    3. Unlock ANONYMOUS account:
  5. Open your web browser and enter follow URL in address line:
    Where <host_name> is hostname of your target database (if you use Embedded PL/SQL Gateway) or your Oracle HTTP Server.